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Filter Pump Industries - a division of Penguin Pumps, Incorporated.

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Penguin PX Series Extended Sealless Vertical Pump

Penguin extended vertical immersible pumps are simple in design, efficient in performance, and self-priming when immersed in solution. Constructed completely of CPVC with glass molybdenum filled PTFE wear ring, or CPVC with PVDF impeller where in contact with the solution, this pump is suitable for pumping, agitating, filtering, or circulating acid and alkaline solutions, abrasive fluids, and other corrosive solutions up to 180° F maximum temperature. Penguin vertical pumps are versatile, easy to install, and require a minimal amount of tank space, thus saving valuable floor space.

Features and Benefits:

  • CPVC Construction
  • Optional PVDF Impeller available
  • No metal contact
  • Self-priming when immersed
  • Dry run capability with PVDF impeller

Bulletins (PDF):