Flo King Trash Traps

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Flo King offers several pump models, as shown below. The flow rate is given in gph (gallons per hour) and LPH (liters per hour). These units can be used as filter systems (with cartridges attached) or just as pumps (without filter cartridges). All employ the same principle of operation and can be used to pump, filter, agitate, and carbon treat.

Selection should be based on a variety of considerations, including: tank size; degree of agitation desired; available space in tank; clearance above tank; temperature; and chemical composition.

Please call for accesories or special applications.

Flo King Trash Traps

For quick capture and removal of large particles and sludge:

  • When using a Flo King for filtration, the filter cartridge is totally immersed in solution. Most customers simply attach a bare filter cartridge to the pump, and nothing else is required. However, in some cases, solids may slough off the cartridge either because of their size (large) or disposition (do not adhere well). The Trash Trap surrounds the filter cartridge and keeps dirt, metal shavings, and other large particles in the canister—and out of the tank.