PLATECOIL®  Prime Surface Heat Exchanger

Tranter PLATECOIL® Prime Surface Heat Exchangers deliver efficient and uniform thermal control in immersion duty; jacketing vessels, reactors or dryer shells; within fluidized beds or configured as gas phase heat recovery banks. In thermal processing of any kind, PLATECOIL exchangers give you better thermal control than pipe coil, half pipe, dimple sheet or gridcoil.

Processors worldwide have used PLATECOIL to:

•Eliminate sparging for reduced water and steam consumption

•Capture waste energy from moist, wet flue gases at temperatures as low as 67°C (150°F)

•Recycle low-grade heat energy from drains

•Improve economic performance in existing tanks and vessels using clamp-on retrofits

These highly versatile exchangers conform to ISO 9001 standards for design, manufacture and testing for either one-off, special fabrications or high-volume engineered subsystems. Consider all the factors—flow rate, flow balance, heat transfer coefficient, durability—PLATECOIL is engineered and crafted for faster start-ups, constant temperatures, better control and longer service life.

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