MiccroTex - available at CDI in Buffalo, NY

An Air-Dry, Chemical Resistant Rack Coating.

MiccroTex Air-Dry Rack Coating is a superior thermoplastic insulating material developed and manufactured to be highly resistant to all plating solutions, acids, and alkaline cleaners at boiling temperatures. MiccroTex is a black, shiny surfaced material that, when properly applied, is tough, resilient and flexible. MiccroTex attains maximum adhesion without depending upon shrinkage. It is unaffected by any solution commonly used in plating and anodizing cycles, including the electrolytic, sulfuric acid strip used to dissolve nickel.

Application Procedure:

  1. MiccroTex is most successfully applied by dipping and wherever possible should be applied by this method. Under certain conditions, however, satisfactory results may also be obtained by brushing or spraying.
  2. For most effective application MiccroTex should be maintained at room temperature: 70° F to 80° F
  3. For dipping and brushing MiccroTex is used as shipped.
  4. For spraying MiccroTex, reduce three parts of MiccroTex with two parts of MiccroTex Reducer.

Preparation Of Racks:

All racks should be thoroughly cleaned of all grease, direct and loose oxides. Sandblasting or an electrolytic caustic cleaning cycle with thorough drying is recommended. Aluminum racks should be anodized before coating. Be sure that all sharp edges and corners are rounded by filing or grinding.

Dipping Procedure:

Rack should be lowered slowly, allowing approximately one minute for complete submersion. Move rack back and forth-this will shake off all air bubbles and eliminate air pockets. Allow rack to remain submerged a few seconds, then withdraw at the same speed. Drain for one or two minutes over dip tank. After draining, invert rack and suspend from opposite end to assure an even distribution of the coating and to eliminate beading. Normally at least seven coats are required.


Allow at least one hour air-dry at room temperature 70° F to 80° F for each coat, and twenty-four hour air-dry for the final coat. Under extreme conditions it is advisable to force-dry at 160° F to 180° F for 4 to 6 hours after the final coat is applied.

Contact Points:

To bare contact points cut through coating with a sharp knife (do not tear). Seal cut edges by brushing with one coat of MiccroTex. Dry for two hours before using.

Repairing Racks:

Damaged racks may be repaired without redipping the entire rack. Cut away all loose material and remove any projecting nodules or electrolytic deposits and dry thoroughly before repairing. Flow succeeding coats of MiccroTex over bare spot until the material has been built up to its original thickness. Air-dry at least one hour between coats and twenty-four hours after final coat.

MiccroTex instruction sheet:

The information supplied above is offered as a service to our customers, and does not relieve the customer from their responsibility to determine the suitability of a particular chemical to their specific purpose. Actual product specifications may vary slightly. Please contact CDI for information prior to purchase.