MiccroTape Self Wound Vinyl Tape - available at CDI in Buffalo, NY


  • Chemical resistant adhesive won’t contaminate plating baths. Holds a straight edge when masking parts for anodizing or electroless nickel plating. It has firm elongation properties.


  • Adhesive: Rubber
  • Backing: 6 mil vinyl
  • Standard Roll Length: 66 feet
  • Temperature Resistance: 15° F to 220° F
  • Color: Black


  1. Nickel plating and anodizing mask off.
  2. To achieve ultimate adhesion, the bonding surface should be dry, clean and free of dirt and oils. The strength of the adhesive bond is dependent on the amount of surface area directly contacting the adhesive. Firm pressure is recommended to obtain a good adherence to surface contact.
  3. Alternative to 3M 470-471
  4. Note: Values should not be used for specification purposes. Each user should make their own test to determine the product’s suitability for their own intended use and shall assume all risks and liability in connection herewith. Materials should be stored at 70 ° F (21 ° C) with 50% relative humidity.
  5. MiccroTape instruction sheet:

    The information supplied above is offered as a service to our customers, and does not relieve the customer from their responsibility to determine the suitability of a particular chemical to their specific purpose. Actual product specifications may vary slightly. Please contact CDI for information prior to purchase.