MiccroStrip C - available at CDI in Buffalo, NY

MICCROSTRIP C is the Environmentally Preferred, Non-flammable Remover for Miccrostop, Miccroshield and Miccropeel.


  1. SAFE STRIP "C" is an environmentally preferred, non-flammable material designed for the removal of Stop-Off Lacquers. It is also a cured paint and cured resin solvent.
  2. This product is an effective replacement for acetone, methyl ethyl ketone or the chlorinated solvents that have been used to remove the Stop-Off Lacquers. It can also replace methylene chloride, toluene, benzene and other hazardous solvents traditionally used for paint clean-up and paint removal.
  3. It has a much lower Inhalation Hazard Index than MEK, making it a safer chemical to use in commercial and industrial applications.
  4. The items to be stripped should be fully immersed in SAFE-STRIP "C" at room temperature for a period of time long enough to dissolve the lacquer. Effective on a variety of cured and uncured coatings, SAFE-STRIP "C" may be used in an immersion tank or as a brush on, rinse off solvent.
  5. Use SAFE-STRIP "C" in a heated cleaning tank, with ultrasonic or mechanical agitation.
  6. Reaction time varies with the paint or coating to be removed. For faster stripping action, SAFE-STRIP "C" may be safely heated up to 140°F.
  7. SAFE-STRIP "C" is recyclable and may be used over and over again. After recapture, spent material may be vacuum distilled or decanted to effect soil separation and allow the solvent to be reused.
  8. NOTE: MICCROSTRIP ā€œCā€ should never be used as a lacquer thinner.

MiccroStrip C instruction sheet:

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