Miccro SH-100 - available at CDI in Buffalo, NY

Miccro SH-100 is a compound suitable for use in the following cycles:

  • Electropolishing
  • Electroless Nickel
  • Anodizing
  • Nuetral and Acid Gold
  • Bronze
  • Palladium
  • Any Acid Cycle
  • Silver
  • Indium
  • Rhodium
  • Chrome


  • Color: Orange
  • Viscosity: 45-50 sec (#2 Zahn)
  • Weight per Gallon: 7.9 pounds / gallon
  • Flashpoint: 30 °F TCC
  • SH-100 is available in: 1, 5, and 55 gallon containers.

Application Procedure

  1. SH-100 should be stirred prior to usage and periodically if not used for extended periods of time.
  2. Chemically and/or mechanically clean the area of the part to be masked. The area to be masked must be free of all dirt, oil or other contaminants. Cleaning is the most critical aspect of the masking procedure.
  3. Apply SH-100 to the area to be masked by dipping or brushing. Appropriate dilution of MICCCRO SH-100 is required for spraying. For reducing MICCRO SH-100, use the MICCRO SH-100 REDUCER only.
  4. Two or Three coats are recommended depending upon the type of plating/chemical solution and/or length of processing time in solution. Allow at least a one-hour dry time between coats. A longer dry time between coats will improve the performance of the product. This factor is highly dependent on the severity of the plating cycle. Faster drying of SH-100 can be accomplished by force drying for 15 minutes in an oven. Temperatures must not exceed 140 °F and times over 15 minutes. Dry time will vary according to relative humidity. NOTE: Make sure SH-100 has lost all solvent odor before force drying or applying additional coats.
  5. For extra long cycles, 3 coats are recommended. If the area to be masked is highly polished, refer to the “Masking Polished or Smooth Surfaces” technical data page for improved adhesion.
  6. SH-100 can be removed using SH-100 REDUCER or MICCROSTRIP A

Miccro SH-100 instruction sheet:

The information supplied above is offered as a service to our customers, and does not relieve the customer from their responsibility to determine the suitability of a particular chemical to their specific purpose. Actual product specifications may vary slightly. Please contact CDI for information prior to purchase.