Intinsically Safe Tank Alarms

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Foolproof liquid level alarms ensure process chemicals never run out or overfill.

Please call for controls / accesories or special applications.


Intinsically Safe Tank Alarms

INTRINSICALLY SAFE TANK LEVEL ALARM alerts if liquid level is high or low with a loud beep. Easy to install with many different mounting adapters. Easy to adjust the depth with no tools. Stop overfilled or empty tanks for good!

Gizmo intrinsically safe tank alarm
Better Tank Level Control...
  • Always on duty because it uses uninteruptible battery power. Lasts for years.
  • Install anywhere: battery power is not limited to locations near power outlets No wiring hassle or expense.
  • Lithium batteries last for years. (included)
  • Loud buzzer is 103dB @ 2 ft. (like a smoke alarm)
  • Rugged. Built for rough, wet and corrosive environments. NEMA 4X.
  • Safe. Battery Power.
  • LED Indicator Light.
  • Silencing Switch.
  • UL approved Class 1, Div. 1.
EASY TO INSTALL liquid level alarm is Uninterruptible battery power ensures there are no cords to come unplugged, or breakers to trip, and it works through power faiures. Always on duty monitoring level 24/7.
  • Durable stainless steel construction. Every unit inludes a SS grounding lug. For especially abusive environments there is an optional guard for the float that screws on to protect it from physical damage.
  • Easy to install by connecting a single wire internally, and then just mount it on you tank or drum. The depth is adjusted by loosening the nut on the cord grip so the shaft can be slid to the desired length. No tools needed.
  • Wetherproof - all NEMA 4X construction. Pipe is sealed in cord grip with a rubber gland.
  • Weatherproof enclosure - NEMA 4X (IP65). High-visiblity beacon LED is clearly visible outdoors.
  • Depth adjustment is easy: just loosen the cord grip nut and slide the pipe to the proper depth. The 1" NPT cord grip works with many adapters for any mounting situation. (2" NPT, flange, bulkhead feedthrough, tank wall etc.) Float switch is reversible.
  • Operation Red alarm light will flash during use for notification to the user. Low battery light indicates when battery needs replacing. Shelf life of the lithium battery is 10 years.
  • Stainless Steel OptionsAll wetted parts are type 304 stainless steel. The standard model has a 304 stainless steel float which is 24 mm in diameter. A "screw-on guard" is an available option which allows the alarm to be moved from tank to tank without worry. The float is reversible.
  • Cold weather suitable - All components are rated for -40 °C operation.
  • Models for drums the 3/4" NPT opening in drums requires a very small-diameter float switch and pipe. The model DHK-IS is designed for this application. Please call to discuss this application.
Gizmo Screw on guard


Mounting Bracket - Stainless MB-SS

Fastens securely to the side of an open tank or truck opening with SS thumbscrews.

Gizmo mounting bracket MB-SS
Screw-On Guard FG-SS

For applications where the alarm is frequently removed from tanks or drums the guard prevents damage to the float.

Gizmo Screw-On Guard FG-SS
Mounting Options

Adapt from the 1" NPT cord grip.

Gizmo Mounting Options
Welded Plug RB-SS

A 2" stainless steel plug welded to the pipe. Depth is not adjustable.

Gizmo Welded Plug RB-SS