Gluconated Caustic - available at CDI in Buffalo, NY

What is Gluconated Caustic?
  • A phosphorous free chelated sodium hydroxide blend.

What are some other names (Synonyms) for Gluconated Caustic?
  • Chelated Sodium Hydroxide blend
  • Caustic with gluconate
  • CDI-003

What is the CAS Number for Gluconated Caustic?
  • Blend

How is Gluconated Caustic packaged?
  • 5 gallon pail
  • 55 gallon drum
  • 275 gallon tote
  • bulk tankwagon

How is Gluconated Caustic used?
  • Cleaning equipment in dairies and food processing facilities
  • Other Industries

TYPICAL PROPERTIES of Gluconated Caustic

Boiling Point:
  • N/A

Specific Gravity:
  • 1.51 - 1.54

Appearance / Odor:
  • Clear, amber liquid with slight odor

Solubility in Water:
  • Complete

Melting Point:
  • N/A

  • 12.5 (1% solution)

Molecular Weight:
  • N/A


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