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>Series MR Precious Metal recovery systems

Penguin Series MR Precious Metal Recovery System

For tank capacity over 50 gallons

Penguin precious metal recovery systems are a simple and economical method for reclaiming gold and other precious metals from processing rinse water and drag out tanks. The exchange resin of standard porosity extracts precious metals as well as all positive and negative charged ions from processing wastes. The Series MR systems are used with rinse capacity tanks of 50 gallons or larger. Up to three troy ounces of precious metal can be recovered per pound, meaning it pays for itself after its initial use. Series P pumps are also available in conjunction with the resin beds, thus eliminating the magnetic driven pump.

Features and Benefits:

  • Recovers 99% of Precious metals
  • Improves purity of rinse
  • Low initial cost
  • Pays for itself during normal plating sequence
  • Selection of sizes to fit all plating tanks
  • Longer life before resin changes
  • Depth filtration available