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Pressure Gauge and Guards

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Penguin pressure gauge guards have a unique, compact, molded design. This low profile design fits well in tight spaces such as reel to reel systems or other automatic systems. Consisting of two threaded fluid chambers, there is no possibility of leakage due to uneven screwed components in the Series PGG gauge guards. Each piece contains a matching groove, which confines the true O-ring incorporated on the O.D. of the impermeable diaphragm. The internal parts of the Series PGG gauge guards in contact with the diaphragm have a large radius, thus preventing any damage to or shearing of the diaphragm. The choice of materials permits these gauge guards to be utilized on highly corrosive and ultra-pure solutions. Guards can also be purchased separately from gauges.

Features and Benefits:

  • Choice of Material: Body - CPVC, Polypropylene or PVDF Diaphragm - Viton
  • Maintains System Purity/ Leak-Resistant
  • Molded Thread Connections Between Joints
  • No Metals Utilized Internally or Externally
  • Confined O-Ring Seal and Impermeable Diaphragm
  • Bleed for Filling/No Air Entrapment for Most Accuracy
  • Flats on Both Molded Parts for Proper Tightening