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Penguin Series BF Bag Filtration System

Penguin bag filtration systems are designed to provide rapid, high velocity solution turnover, while removing contaminants that tend to surface load. In the Series BF filtration systems, the larger surface area of the single layered polypropylene filter bag provides significant longer life when compared to a graded density, string wound cartridge filter. Disposable bags are economical to use and may be easily discarded when spent or cleaned for reuse. Traditionally, bag filtration systems have been used with air sparging systems to constantly renew the plating solution that is coming in contact with the parts. A Penductor sparging system does the same thing, but refreshes the chemistry much faster, while giving you other benefits such as keeping solids in suspension for easier removal, more uniform temperature, thickness, and brightness. Since the Series BF bag filtration system is basically an open system, uniform agitation can be achieved without the need of a dedicated sparging pump.

Features and Benefits:

  • Sealless pump
  • Chemical-resistant
  • No metal contact
  • Choice of filter bag micron
  • CPVC Construction
  • High Temperature Operationn

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