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Filter Pump Industries - a division of Penguin Pumps, Incorporated.

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Penguin Series A-SF Suction Filter System

Penguin suction filter systems are ruggedly constructed and corrosion resistant. The Series A-SF filter systems are designed for continuous duty operation and trouble-free service. These systems are easy to install and maintain since there is only one moving part. Series A-SF suction filter systems offer filtration rates up to 3400 gph. They are constructed completely of CPVC, eliminating any metal contact.

Features and Benefits:

  • Pumps, Filters and agitates
  • Compact, Inexpensive, and dependable
  • Versatile and portable
  • Self-priming when immersed
  • Immersible, Sealless, Bearing-free pump runs dry without damage

Bulletins (PDF):