Rinse Tank Timer - T2 distributed by CDI

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WATERPROOF PUSH-BUTTON TIMERS for INDUSTRIAL use that count down from the time you set, then they beep and flash, or provide relay output. Waterproof, corrosion proof and built for rough industrial use. Battery powered or AC power. Ideal for many uses from chemical plants to hot tubs.


Rinse Tank Timer - T2

PUSH BUTTON RINSE TANK TIMER is suitable for repetitive process timing. It has a relay output to control devices like solenoid valves. Two independent timer cycles up to 99 minutes each. Waterproof and corrosion proof. Perfect for plating processes.

Gizmo T2 timer
A Better Rinse Tank Timer...
  • Loud Warbling Alarm easily pierces through the loudest loud industrial plant noise.
  • Waterproof All parts are NEMA 4X rated. Built for rugged industrial service.
  • Relay Output 15A will control 3/4 HP motors, solenoids, heaters.
  • Time is easily adjustable from 1-99 seconds or 1-99 minutes using discrete position rotary switches.
  • Low Profile button extends out from tank only 85 mm. (3.3 inches)
  • Rinse control with a timer is easier and more reliable than with a conductivity controller.
The Rinse Tank Timer model T2 has a 15A relay output. Two time cycles are independently settable. Each can range from 1 second to 99 minutes.
  • Typical Operation: At the end of the first time cycle, when a load should be removed from a rinse tank for example, the illuminated push button flashes and the audio buzzer sounds. When the button is pushed to silence the alarm, the second time cycle from 1sec-99min starts. The second time cycle can open a solenoid valve to control rinse water flow. When the second time cycle is complete, the buzzer sounds briefly.
  • Alternate Operation Mode: The first time cycle could be used to prepare the tank by turning on a heater to warm it up, or to dose chemicals by turning on a pump. When the first time cycle has elapsed and the rinse is prepared, the buzzer sounds until acknowledged. This is a cue to run work through the tank. At the end of the second time cycle the buzzer sounds again.
  • Gizmo Timer Modes Chart
  • Construction: Timer model T2 is enclosed in a PVC box 4 x 4 x 2" with stainless steel screws. Rated NEMA 4X - suitable for washdown duty. The buzzer is 103dB and has a warbling tone that pierces through loud ambient noise. Stainless steel transducer can get wet.
  • Relay Output:The 15A relay controls pumps and solenoids using a convenient piggyback plug. The piggyback plug on the end of a 10 foot cord makes installation simple. Your pump or solenoid can plug into the female end and no further wiring is necessary. The T2 timer switches your devices on and off according to the time cycle.
  • Setup: The operation mode is chosen with dip switches. (see chart above) The time is set with intuitive rotary switches to the precise time. No guessing with potentiometers. Once the time is set, just close the cover and it can't be tampered with.
  • Gizmo Time Set


Beacon LED FG-SS

Higher visibility strobing light illuminates when a cycle is over. Available in red, blue, amber, and green.

Gizmo Beacon LED
Different Buzzer tones

Different buzzer tones to audibly identify different units.

Gizmo Buzzer Tone
Buzzer Volume Control

Snap on muffler reduces the volume by 20 dB and anywhere in-between just by rotating the slots.

Gizmo Buzzer Muffler