Liquid Copper Sulfate - EPA Registered TMB 471C

Description of TMB 471C Copper Sulfate:

  • TMB 471C Copper Sulfate is manufactured from pure copper wire and is not a mined material. For this reason, TMB471C is free of impurities such as lead, arsenic or other heavy metals commonly found in mined material.
  • TMB 471C is made from 100% American made materials and is certified by NSF for use in potable water at a use concentration of 16 mg/liter.
  • When applied on a continuous basis, TMB 471C will control blue green and other forms of nuisance algae which can cause taste and odor issues in potable water. TMB 471C also controls additional microbiological activity and minimizes chlorine and chlorine dioxide demand. The reduction in chlorine demand lowers disinfection by-product formation, allowing for a greater margin of compliance.

Advantages of using TMB 471C Copper Sulfate:

  • Economical algae control with low dosages
  • Taste and odor control
  • Utilization in many applications:
    • Municipal
    • Industrial
    • Lake Management
  • Can be applied to source water or settling basins
  • Aids in reducing TTHM and Haa5
  • Improved TOC results
  • Zebra Mussel control
  • Reduces overal chemical costs
  • Increased plant efficiency due to algae reduction on pipes
  • Works in conjunction with other treatment strategies

Copper Sulfate 471C - before use
Copper Sulfate 471C - after use

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