Anode Bags - available at CDI in Buffalo, NY

A filter that prevents solid anode particles from getting into the electroplating solution. Once these solid anode particles are in the electroplating solution, they will normally cause roughness that can be "seen and felt" on the electroplated deposit. Anode bags have a limited life; possibly 6 months at that point they must be laundered or replaced with new anode bags. Problems occur when the anode bags get old they tend to "Block" Normal Solution transfer between the actual anode and the electroplating solution.

Anode / Basket Bag from CDI

Anode / Basket Bags

Our standard anode or basket bag has a drawstring top and double stitched sides and bottom. On 10" wide X 40" long and larger bags, a double tie is added for additional support at no additional charge. Since all of our bags are made to order, we manufacture bags to your specified dimensions and requested fabric(s). Most bags are shipped within 2 business days.

Double Bottom / Boot Anode Bag from CDI

Double Bottom (Boot) Anode Bag

The spare tire approach for close anode to cathode distance and highly agitated solutions. The double bottom (boot) option can be made from your fabric choice. The most effective choice of fabric for the double bottom is polypropylene monofilament. (An excellent substitute for a rubber boot)

Reel to Reel bags from CDI

Reel to Reel Anode Bag

Bags for continuous or step and repeat lines. Bags can also be made with optional lunch box corners.

3D anode bag with ties from CDI

3D bag with ties

3D anode bag rod support above the bag from CDI

3D bag with above bag rod support

3D anode bag rod support side of bag from CDI

3D bag with side rod support

3D bag with ties or above/side rod supports

All of our three dimensional bags are individually custom made to your specifications using any of the wide variety of our stock fabrics or a special order fabric to meet your particular needs. Ordering is easy. You can supply us with a drawing or sketch or contact us for guidance!.

CDI offers many custom configurations of the above bags. Some of our options are available here.

Fabric choices available here.

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