AC Powered Process Timer - T3 distributed by CDI

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WATERPROOF PUSH-BUTTON TIMERS for INDUSTRIAL use that count down from the time you set, then they beep and flash, or provide relay output. Waterproof, corrosion proof and built for rough industrial use. Battery powered or AC power. Ideal for many uses from chemical plants to hot tubs.


AC Powered Process Timer - T3

PUSH BUTTON TIMER that counts down from the time you set, then it beeps and flashes. Waterproof, corrosion proof and built for rough use. Relay output to control pumps. Ideal for plating, spas, wet areas.

Gizmo T3 timer
A Better Process Timer...
  • Time is Easily Adjustable from 1 second to 99 minutes using discrete position rotary switches. No guessing with potentiometers!
  • Easy Installation. Simply screw it in place and connect your pump - no hard wiring.
  • Water Proof and Corrosion Proof PVC enclosure and push button are NEMA 4X rated. Built for rugged industrial service.
  • Compact 4x4x2" box extends out from tank only 85 mm.
  • Loud Warbling 103 dB audible alarm.
  • Relay Output 15A @ 120VAC to control 1/2HP pumps, motors. Convenient connection to your pump with the piggyback plug provided.
Easy Installation, just mount it in place and plug in the piggyback plug. A single button starts and stops the timing cycle. The time is set easily with the intuitive pushbutton switches and digital indicator inside the box. No calibrating or guessing is necessary as with timers that use potentiometers. The time is accurate to the second. Once the time is set, you can close the cover and not worry about the time being tampered with.
  • Wide Timing Range Counts down anywhere between 1 second to 99 hours, and anywhere in between.
  • Relay Output. Relay output is 10A @120 VAC. (1/2 HP at 120V) Normally Open by default, (relay is open when not timing) or specify Normally Closed.
  • Operation The time counts down from preset time. Exterior button illuminates while timing. At the end of the time cycle, the alarm beeps 5 times and then relay resets automatically. The cycle may be cancelled at any time by pushing the external illuminated button. Select from many different operating modes available by setting the on-board jumpers. With these modes you can control if the cycle may be cancelled in mid-cycle or not, if the cycle stops automatically or requres manual stoppage using the pushbutton, and repeating cycles etc. See instruction sheet for full details.
  • Power The T3 timer is powered from the piggyback cord running from your pump. (120VAC) Non-volatile memory in case of power outages.
Gizmo T3 timer - inside view