Digital Timer - AC Power with Relay - T5 distributed by CDI

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WATERPROOF PUSH-BUTTON TIMERS for INDUSTRIAL use that count down from the time you set, then they beep and flash, or provide relay output. Waterproof, corrosion proof and built for rough industrial use. Battery powered or AC power. Ideal for many uses from chemical plants to hot tubs.


Digital Timer - AC Power with Relay - T5

WATERPROOF PROCESS TIMER counts down from the time you set, then it beeps and flashes until cancelled. Time range from 1 second to 99 hours. As simple to operate as a kitchen timer.

Gizmo T5 - Digital Timer
Reliable Timing...
  • Waterproof meant for tough industrial environments.
  • Loud warbling 103dB warbling tone cuts through the loudest industrial noise.
  • Rugged. Built for rough, wet and corrosive environments. NEMA 4X rating.
  • Simple - No need for instructions and can change times on the fly.
  • High Current Capacity The T5 has a 15A relay which will control up to 1/2 HP @ 120V.
  • Compact Box measures only 4 x 4 x 2 inches. (100x100x50 mm)
Digital Process Timer is easy to program with only three pushbuttons. Counts down the cycle you set and then resets to the same time for the next cycle. When the cycle is completed, a very loud 103dB warbling buzzer sounds and the illuminated button lights up and strobing LED activates. Relay and piggyback cord included to control devices.
  • Many Possible operating modes are possible which are selectable with switches inside the box. You can control if a cycle is able to be cancelled or not, automatic cycle end or manual, timing in HH:MM or HH:MM, relay orientation, repeating cycles, and custom cycles can be programmed reasonably.
  • Waterproof, Corrosion Proof IP65 (NEMA 4X) enclosure makes this suitable for wet, corrosive production floors or outdoors.
  • Operation The blue buttons adjust the time up or down. The large green button starts the time cycle/ cancels if applicable, or stops the time.
  • More Features: Backlit display. Strobing LED included.
Gizmo timer with beacon LED option


Magnetic Mount MB-SS

Magnets on the feet allow the unit to be mounted on metal surfaces like ovens.

Gizmo Magnetic Mount
Beacon LED FG-SS

Higher visibility strobing light illuminates when a cycle is over. Available in red, blue, amber, and green.

Gizmo Beacon LED
Different Buzzer tones

Different buzzer tones to audibly identify different units.

Gizmo Buzzer Tone
Buzzer Volume Control

Snap on muffler reduces the volume by 20 dB and anywhere in-between just by rotating the slots.

Gizmo Buzzer Muffler
NIST Traceable Certificate

When the timing must be traceable, we can provide a calibration certificate.

Gizmo NIST Certificate